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Sadowi jumped to avoid getting roasted and or or flattened by Cadance the meteorite, leaning extremely back and stretching out his forelegs. The ground sank or disappeared from under his vision and all he saw was the sky until the ground shot back up from the top of his vision and stopped at around where it normally should be. His fore hooves brushed the grass, soft as velvet, and he savoured the caresses they gave to his nail before he pushed off the ground again, this time bending himself forward and stretching his hindlegs, all the while watching the pink comet that was Cadance.

With a sigh befitting a child of a noble who did not get what he desired, Sadowi reeled up his off hoof weapon and stood at parade rest, patience wearing thin as he waited for Cadance to stand back up. "Come on, Princess. You have to do better than that. A lot better. We're this close to your queendom, this close to your heart of glass situated on its pedestal, and you can't even muster or gather the strength to...I dunno, maybe beat me in a fight? Where'd the power of love go, eh?"

Sadowi eased his pulling, releasing the tension on the wire and allowing the princess' momentum generated by her objectively greater mass bring her to him. The wire heated and sizzled and glowed a little as it thinned, too slowly to allow escape, it purposed to tie down whales and other leviathans of the deep. "It's working, Cadance, but it's not gonna work to get you free. You're mine now, my pretty!"

He nodded his head once in agreement, then, as he stood on his hind legs, knees bent for better balance or prepared to leap at half a moment's notice, yanked his forehoof back, stretching taut the line and pulling his sword back to him. "Yeah, you're right, lovely. Now come 'ere!

Sadowi threw both of his swords into the air in surprise. "Well now, it's about bloody damned time. It only took, what, two years? three years?
"'Tis too bad, really. Your love means nothing if you only love him in life,"
he snickered. His right forehoof suddenly disappeared in a blur, and his barbed sinkhook flew straight towards Cadance, whistling as it cut through the air. "Mebbe you'd join me in death!"

He walked around for a bit before he found his other weapon. Sitting down, he coiled the wire back around his right foreleg where it belonged. "Leave? Yes, princess. But stay away? Heh, I can't resist or stay away from you any more than Prince Shining Armour can, what with his hooves running all over you when y'all think no one is watching. Hey, privileged royalty such as yourself, but with no foals after all this time? I...heck, I feel sorry for the two of you. 'Twon't be long until word gets out that you're barren because for some idiotic reason the male cannot be blamed, but you know how ponies love to talk."

He tossed up the sinkhook, both blade and line catching the sun and reflecting light. "I can take you away from all this, you know."

"Arrgh," grumbled Sadowi as he watched the beam launch from her horn and bury itself squarely into his neck, charring a tunnel that bored completely through. Slowing standing up from the slide, he put up his sword and pointed to his throat. "Well princess, you've got me. Shall I leave now?"

Yanking up on the pike he held with his free hoof, Sadowi brought his body closer to the pole, pulling himself lower, closer to the ground and watching the beam cut a divot on the tip of his nose and between his ears, singing some of his mane. Far too close. He released his grip and fell back onto the ground, cushioned by the tall grass, and stood back up to see Princess Cadance charging at him again, this time with her not being a body's length away. He sprinted for two steps, then dropped down, kicking off with his hindhoof behind him before dropping down onto his knees, one extended and the other in back, using the momentum he gained to slide along the ground in hopes of evading his opponent by going between her legs.

Running forward as well, Sadowi met the charge, and as soon as he came close, he shot his free forehoof forward to grasp the pike and leapt a little ways off the grounf, throwing out his hindlegs like pistons in a kick aimed for the princess' snout. "He-ey," he sang. "He-ey. What's the matter with your head?"

Sadowi took a step back for every beam that the princess shot at him and ended up walking backwards and in ellipses. Chancing a quick glance behind him without losing his footing by taking bigger steps than normal, he caught sight of the sinkhook lying on the grass off to the side, close enough to reach in a reasonable amount of time. "What are you doing up there?" he jested and nodded to the unused sword nearby. "Don't make me pick that blade over yonder up and throw at you and yank you back down to Earth.
"Or you throw something at me. Go on, I dare ya."

With a calm flick of his wrist, Sadowi angled his blade and took a swing to deflect the beam away from both combatants, laughing merrily. "Hah hah hah! No no no, dearie, the two of you were too weak to stop miss Chrysalis on your onesy. Y'all had to go 'that's the power of love,' because 'it's strong and it's sudden, and it's cruel sometimes. But it might just save your life.'
"And as for Sombra, that's just a pass intercepted and Princess Cadance for the touchdown."

He remained on the ground and watched her, for she was currently too high up for him to reach.

Sadowi popped off his head and held it in his right hoof. Bowing deeply, he brought his hoof to his chest where his heart was, using his head in place of a hat. "Of course, Princess," he drawled. "'Ndeed you have, so many times I'm starting to think 'Prince' Shining Armour might be jealous. But if I remember, trespassing is a crime punishable by death...trial by combat."

He began to unravel the fishing line coiled around his right foreleg and rewrapping it loosely around his sinkhook, deliberately staring at the blade and strands as he worked. When he completed the small chore, he tossed his secondary weapon aside and unsheathed his dao and spun it once over his left forehoof before taking his standard dueling opening stance, the legs he stood on slightly apart and his torso facing away to have his right arm and shoulder forward towards Cadance.

"Come at me, little dove. I'll give you an honourable bout, with your initiative, but will you me? Is your knight in shining armour coming to save you?"

Challenging: Princess Mi Amore de Cadenza

Setting: The late morning sun, low in the sky due to the latitude, shines her ardent gaze upon an expanse of tall grasses and perennials in a field just outside of the Crystal Empire, visible in all its glimmering beauty by the horizon and crowned with the magical aurora. Also off in the distance, but not yet where the sky touches the earth, mountains, some capped with snow, dot the landscape, their angular slopes of terracing marking them as homesteads. The temperature is cool right this moment, but is sure to rise as the day ascends.

Challenger: Sadowi, an undead marine of the damned frigate Codrington.

Powers and abilities: A marine, this pony has great proficiency with many weapons, most notably poles such as the boarding hook, javelins the likes of a harpoon, and staves, though he is best with the sword. Without the need for food, water, or oxygen he never tires. Without true gelatinous eyes connected to the brain with nerve cells and instead bestowed teardrops of light able to assume any orientation for eyes along with a career on a small ship that loved the waves but rolled miserably, he is more or less an organic gyroscope, jumping, leaping, hopping, rolling, dodging, sidestepping, cartwheeling, flipping, and/or pirouetting his way across the ring. His gallop is fast, but his reflex is equal to 2.7x108 meters per second and he sees in bullet time.
As an Earth pony, he cannot fly and wouldn't dream of it, but he can jump and is coordinated enough to "climb" through the air, using falling objects or projectiles as platforms.
Sadowi is ambidextrous and can stand, walk, and fight on his hind legs.

Flaws: Proficient, but he has less true experience with weapons not mentioned above. He is not as fast as he once was due to his undead state as a zombie and not a skeleton, still toting around bunches of spare flesh. Flesh, though damp, also makes him more flammable. Raised as a servant to a noble family, he has a strong sense of honour. Facing a head of state, he will give her first move, allow her to choose which fighting discipline (dueling form) she would like to encounter, and will combat with the honour system. For example, should a foreleg of his be struck he will remove and not use it for the rest of the fight.

Armour: Sadowi wears no armour, for it slows him down when he's running awa-er, around and would have been a nightmare to maintain on a far-sailing commerce raider.

Dueling forms:
Ataru: emphasises erratic, almost unbalanced acrobatics to outmaneuver and confuse the opponent and their momentum to deal powerful blows or to flow into the next steps. Most commonly used.
Aegis: utilises precise blocks, short-step dodges, and parries to dizzy or tire the opponent before striking. Very useful in confined areas and against opponents of all sizes, but with his slight frailty he tends to avoid this form.
Parting the Silk: an elegant form most commonly used to practice balance. He always begins with this to transition to others.

Sadowi can do his forms unarmed, though his reach and lethal damage will be impaired.

Equipment: Goldnail: a dao, or Middle Kingdom broadsword.
Sinkhook: name originating from its distinctive, barbed appearance and its guard made from fishing wire, this blade bears little resemblance to the talwar it was cut down from. Attached to another length of fishline coiled around his right foreleg, the weapon can be used as an offhoof sword, a fishing hook, a grappling hook, or a kunai. Will not be used and will stay sheathed on his back, without any fishlines around forelegs, should Princess Cadance choose to face Sadowi in his Parting the Silk or Aegis form.

Fight to: death, surrender, or incapacitate

An earth pony, pelt blued from a drowning, stood at parade rest, his hindhooves hidden by the long grasses and his forelegs crossed over his breast, and eyed, or leered, at his opponent. "Wellnow, what a lovely Princess."

Characters / Sadowi
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Ignore the writing on the drawing; it's for a different universe.

-Name: Sadowi
-First Name (never used): Jamie
-Nickname(s): Sally, Howie, Dowie, "Undermountain Catapult"
-Age (self reported): 20
-Gender: male
-Species: Earth

-Occupation: soldier
-Allegiance: Region of Horseshoe Bay
-Service/branch: Naval Reserve
-Years of service: unknown

-Current status: recruitable party member: "Marked Ghoul" - undead marine, pearl/coral gem diver and trader, fisher

-Pelt: greyish-blue and always damp; wounds are open but not bleeding
-Mane: rather long sea green mane, when in combat it will be tied into a double ponytail that make him look like a Twi'lek (Aayla Secura from Star Wars)
-Tail: long, sea green, and "thrice braided," one intact, one loose, and one torn
-Cutie mark: none
-Other stuff (right side): cheek and most of the lips missing -- eye missing and replaced with a glowy yellow orb that functions as his eye, but the eyelid and cornea are intact -- mane usually covers this side of the face and the neck -- hock (ankle) has three cartilage spikes -- some skin missing near the fibula
----(left side): a small bit of his lips is missing -- eye and flesh around it are missing and are replaced with a glowy yellow orb that functions as his eye -- base of the ear also has three cartilaginous protrusions -- neck has four prominent puncture wounds -- breast has a large gash -- skin around the radius and ulna are missing -- there is a laceration near the flank -- some skin missing near the fibula
----(center/both): a chunk of flesh missing from the bridge of his muzzle, brown cloth wrappings around his feet (not hooves) except the right foreleg
-Dental formula: top 3-1-4-2, bottom 3-1-4-3
-Physique: Sadowi is not very large, stockier and a little taller than Braeburn but still retains the sinewy, almost feminine build.

Though suspected to be a sailor's by-blow, little was known about Sadowi's early life other than he was a friend or servant to House Agano and an apprentice fisher to Matrose. House Agano had a strong naval tradition, but when its son Sakawa left for the region's Naval Academy, Sadowi still ran down the surf barehooved as officer training was reserved for nobility and its sons.

Some form of escape came with the arrival of the frigate Codrington. Sadowi and others, mostly merchants or fishers such as himself, were impressed and trained by a Master Threnith for the ship's marine contingent. Technically a marine, Sadowi also worked as a powder boy where he wove between cannon, cargo, and hammocks in courier missions into the dark and dank magazines deep below the waterline.

Sadowi, aboard the Codrington, participated in many patrol and commerce raiding missions against the Unicorns and Pegasi, with one noteworthy boarding action of a Unicorn frigate. Unicorns were weak within the confined quarters of their ship, where their fear of damaging their own vessel and of the elements, unbeknownst that natural things such as wood were powerful insulators for magic, forced them to attempt to fight hoof to hoof. Sadowi and the other marines split after taking the upper deck, hearing about a group that fought their way to "Captain Conehead," but he killed himself before he could be made prey. The group Sadowi was in slew their way into the ship's hold, while just the miasma of flesh sapped their strength and morale, driving some to their knees, but it was nothing compared to the sight. Pegasus prisoners had no wings, only gaping, infected holes. Some hung on chains from the ceiling. The floor was crushed bone. Most were missing limbs. All were alive, for live flesh did not decay so soon. There were wholly intact prisoners, probably newer. A look into their eyes said...nothing. They could probably see, but those eyes were sightless.
It did nothing to sober those marines, only reinforce their hatred for those dogs.

An unknown amount of time later at an unknown location, Sadowi, the frigate Codrington, and many others became targets of sabotage. While the ship was at anchor, someone detonated the central magazine and sank her with all hands, paws, claws, hooves, and talons, their muted screams music for DJ Locker.

But they didn't, so some condemned by the public as delusional who remember such an occurring say. A few tales ran through dodgy taverns of settlements, from hamlets to the shining jewel known as Canterlot, saying that the ship of the drowned prowled the waves once again, her revenant crew blending into the white fog that seemed to follow them, working and tending to the sails and rigging as lovingly as ever, in search of justice, to destroy those who wronged them, only to never reach them due to a draft too deep to sail up rivers towards the false sanctuary of Canterlot.

There is no hard evidence about that tale, but Sadowi is very much an undead pony, held together by magic and his spirit and served on the Codrington, that walks Equestria again, blissfully unaware of his comrades' torment, torment for over a thousand years.

-Personality and Characteristics-
-Likes: swimming/diving -- duelling/fighting -- playful roughhousing -- fishing/fish -- hanging out -- acting stupid
-Dislikes: getting dismembered/"fragged" --fire -- co'ckroaches -- rust -- being out in the Sun for more than three hours -- treachery
-Motivation: He's alive...again! Not everyone got this sort of luxury! Having had a short life, he considers his return a blessing, an opportunity to continue living.
-Fears: co'ckroaches -- fire -- the future -- disloyalty -- dragons
-Personality: Nowhere near the sophistication of Solivus Hastings or Shadow Ritual, Sadowi is a rather gullible and fun-loving guy, often finding himself in odd predicaments, though not so much a goofball as Chancellor Puddenhead. Ironically as an undead, his life practically returned to him to use, he has gained enough appreciation for life to dislike killing, but he is still a soldier and fighting was what he does best. He intentionally puts himself in danger for duels, fishing, or fights, but to him there is no life if one simply does nothing or lives complacently.

He is kind and loyal but immediately familiar, not particularly knowing when to speak formally or cautiously. He is not grandiloquent but may take longer to get to the point.

He does not like killing but is more than delighted to exorcise or butcher evil into see-through lean slices without any traces of fat, bone or skin.

-Powers and Abilities-
A marine, Sadowi has great proficiency, if not experience, with many weapons, notably the boarding hook (for severing tentacles of krakens) and the harpoon (for dealing with any leviathan), though he is best with the sword. Though now slower due to his undead state as a zombie and not a skeleton, he can be considered even more unpredictable and agile: Without the need for food, water, or oxygen he never tires. Without true gelatinous eyes connected to the brain with nerve cells and instead bestowed teardrops of light able to assume any orientation for eyes along with a career on a small ship that loved the waves but rolled miserably, he is more or less an organic gyroscope. His gallop is fast, but his reflex is equal to 2.7x108 meters per second and he sees in bullet time.

-Dueling forms-
---Ataru: emphasises erratic, almost unbalanced acrobatics to outmaneuver and confuse the opponent and their momentum to deal powerful blows or to flow into the next steps.
---Aegis: utilises precise blocks, short-step dodges, and parries to dizzy or tire the opponent before striking. Very useful in confined areas and against opponents of all sizes, but with his slight frailty he tends to avoid this form.
---Parting the Silk: an elegant form most commonly used to practice balance. He always begins with this to transition to others.

He is a great swimmer.
He is ambidextrous.
He could stand, walk, and fight on his hind legs.

Though not capable of spitting poison as he ceased decomposing, his teeth still contains toxins, mostly used to envenom his weapons rather than biting.

---Envenom: A medium duration poison that stopped the creation of stem cells and caused random muscle (smooth, skeletal, and cardio) cell decay.
---Anaesthetic: A debilitating, but very short lived, poison that attacked the nervous system, especially the cerebellum and the thalamus.
Both strains of venom ignored the immune system and could be defeated even by the weakest of organisms given some time, causing envenom to last about five minutes at most and anaesthetic about one minute at most.
The maximum amount of poison he could carry and deliver in succession is five doses of envenom and two doses of anaesthetic.

-How to deal with him...appropriately-
The only way to end Sadowi was by burning him. He could recover, with time, from dismemberment because though in pieces, it was still he. He could recover from decomposition as those individual elements were separate; he could reform them. Combustion however was a chemical reaction caused Sadowi to lose molecular cohesion and then also rejoined the elements into something else before he could recover. Those new molecules were not bits of Sadowi anymore, thus he was gone.

Example: say burning methane, CH4. You'll need oxygen, O2. (balanced equation)
CH4 + 2 O2 ----> CO2 + 2 H2O
After burning methane, there is no more methane. Methane's individual elements of carbon and hydrogen have been divided and given to form carbon dioxide and water.

Sadowi is always been seen with his mismatched pairing of a dao and a talwar. The dao, christened Goldnail, has cloth bands wrapped over an ivory hilt to compensate for the illogic of ivory that will warp and twist from sweat or blood. It's a dao and not a prissy katana nor a barbaric machete.
Sometimes called the sinkhook due to its distinctive, barbed blade and fishing wire guard, this weapon bears little resemblance to the talwar it was originally cut down from. Attached to another fishing line wrapped around his foreleg, he wields the sinkhook as an off-hoof weapon, a fishing hook, a grappling hook, and a kunai.
inspired/totally copied from the Sinkhook of Infinity Blade II

-His Appearance for Equestria Girls-


-Theme Song-

-Some Silly Things-
Origin of his joke nickname "Undermountain Catapult:"
Almost at home in the dark and dank magazines, essentially under a rock, clearly he came from a land down under. But it's not just there where the mares glow and stallions plunder. It's not just there where you can hear the thunder. You better run and take cover. He's not six-feet-four, but he is full of muscle and does speak your language. He didn't die in a den in Bombay, but he is quite slack jawed and not much to say. The man didn't try to tempt him because he didn't come from a land of plenty.

His dao might not be adorned, but it is still a finely forged blade. Not as clumsy or random as a broadsword, it is an elegant weapon for a more civilised age.

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