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Content but still a bit disappointed at Tinder's response, Broadshield nods his head. "I see, that's a shame, I thought you would've been a great Equinox soldier." He says. "But I respect your decision, and if that's what you want, then so be it." He adds. As the sun goes down, fog lights light up the area of the collapse, recovery efforts still going on. "Well, it's going to be a long night for me as well, helping out with recovery efforts." He says in response to Foxtrot. "I'll be seeing you soon Fox, until then, stay safe." He says giving a salute to him as he heads off, the wall of soldiers opening up and closing as Foxtrot leaves. "Well Tinder, I guess you'll be heading back home now. The train stations should now be opened up since everything's calmed down, but I don't know when the next train to Ponyville will be coming. If it doesn't come soon, maybe you could wait here, maybe help out if you want." He says, taking a pause. "You did a lot today Tinder, you should be proud of that. Whatever you're gonna do now, I'm quite sure we'll see each other soon. Good luck Tinder, stay safe." He says giving a salute to her, then proceeds to make his way over to the rubble, starting more work, helping out ponies already there. It was going to be a long quiet night, but after everything that has happened, Broadshield wouldn't have it any other way.

Broadshield listens to both Foxtrot and Tinder's own questions and comments, before answering them both one at a time. "Tinder, you live in Ponyville don't you? All of the Equinox soldiers in Ponyville live in their own homes anyway. Some of them also have a second job there as well to help with finances, so you are perfectly capable of living on your own and doing your job, whatever it may be. Occasionally, you and the Equinox garrison at Ponyville will have missions you will need to do, whether it be guard duty in or around Ponyville, doing recon in the Everfree Forest, and if it ever happens, assist the Elements of Harmony and Princess Twilight in defending Ponyville whenever a crisis occurs there, mainly because it's the crisis center of Equestria." He says before giving a light chuckle at the last part. "Either way, your proficiency in ice magic in combat could prove to be helpful." He says before he turns to Foxtrot. "I understand that this is a big decision Fox. Take whatever time you need until you are ready to make a decision. I'll be in Manehatten for the next few days overlooking initial relief efforts for what has happened here." He says

"Of course, as you wish Tinder." Broadshield says before dismissing the medics, who go back to the FOB. "Where are you going?" He asks Pastel as she walks off, not really getting any answer from her as she walks off into an alleyway. Thinking nothing of it, he focuses his attention back onto Tinder's injury. "You don't need to hide your injury from us, or stop ponies from treating you, we're here to help you, with whatever needed." He says to her, before watching Foxtrot finish up fixing up Tinder. "Well, now that most of us are together, I guess it's time for a bit of a debriefing. We have of course managed to detain and extract all the Directors, even though it wasn't easy, and all of us have been injured in some way, along with some unwanted intervention. Equinox also was able to keep casualties to a minimum, but we have lost a few ponies, both Equinox and civilians. We lost 3 soldiers from the fight with Zulu, and we lost 5 Combat and Support soldiers combined helping with the evacuation efforts, crushed by debris. We lost a few civilians as well, we don't know how many exactly. We have also had several ponies injured, but thankfully they will recover with time. It will take some time but we will eventually clear out the building and hopefully do something better with the vacant space, besides, tonnes of rubble in the harbor isn't exactly a good look for Manehatten. Despite the circumstances, I would say this mission would be a success." He pauses before continuing. "Now, as for the two of you, Foxtrot, you will have access to the Manehatten base and its facilities, same goes to  Nivalia, and Tinder, you will have your slate wiped clean, a new start for you. But, I have an offer for both of you. The three of you, Nivalia included, all bring valuable skills to the table. Equinox is always looking for ponies who can bring something to the table to help us fight for Equestria. I am offering all of you to be a part of Equinox. For you 3, for your work and contribution over the last few days, you will have perks. If you join, you make the choice in where you want to be stationed, whether it be in your hometown, or anywhere else in or outside of Equestria. You also have a choice in which unit you wish to be in. You have three meals a day when not on missions, with decent living quarters, separate from the barracks. You also have access to the resources that we have available to be used however you wish. In terms of payment, whenever you make a somewhat significant contribution to Equinox, whether it be completing a mission or developing something new, you will be paid a small percentage for it. If needed, we are always able to make compromises if it makes life easier for you, and if you need anything, anything at all, Equinox will do everything in its power to provide whatever it is you need. So what do you two say? Are you willing to join Equinox and fight for your country?" He asks. He really hopes that they accept his offer. Equinox always needs good ponies to join them, and Tinder, Foxtrot and Nivalia are exactly what Equinox needs to help make Equestria a greater country.

Broadshield looks around at his comrades, all of them looking worse for wear from this op. "Don't worry Fox, we got everything you need back at base, but Tinder..." He says before inspecting her wound for a moment. "Tinder, I'm not letting you leave here without getting some kind of medical treatment." He says firmly to her before two medics come to the group and wait for something to happen. "If you want, I can patch you up myself, and not the medics if that makes you feel uncomfortable, but I'm not letting you run off. Is that ok?" He offers to her. As all of this is happening, Broadshield fails to notice Monochrome/Pastel communicating to a civilian pony outside of the wall of riot soldiers, refusing to let onlookers, reporters, and some authorities in.

Broadshield watches as everyone comes to him, and watches as Samiel leaves with the 5 Directors, watching on silently. "I wonder if we will see Samiel or the 5 again?" He says to Fox as he makes his way back to the group. "Well, good thing is we're all alive, albeit a little battered up." He says as he watches Fox and Tinder hug. Noticing that there is something up with Tinder, he asks "Tinder, are you ok? You nearly fell over, did you get hurt?" He asks in a concerned tone.

((Can we have another round or two of posting? I need to make another post about asking the question and a few other things to wrap up the arc and I couldn't do it here because it didn't feel right to put everything in one post.))

Broadshield watched as the tower went crashing down, and saw Foxtrot make it out safely. The building caused a large dust cloud to form in that part of the city, and there was no way of finding Foxtrot in the cloud. In the end, the helicopter turned around and made its way to the building, at least, what was left of it. The helicopter came in to land nearby. Through the smoke you could see dozens, maybe hundreds of figures moving around. Some were working on the FOB, others were helping evacuate stragglers, and some were pulling soldiers and civilians from fallen debris. The building dropped several pieces of large debris that came crashing down on ponies. Many were injured, a few were unfortunately killed or were not going to make it. As soon as the helicopter landed, several ponies went to the commander, reporting the status of the situation, tending to his injuries, the like. Some medics also went to Tinder to help, but Broadshield didn't see, he was already being escorted away to the FOB.

Hours later, the dust had finally settled. The line still holding strong against any onlookers, but with less ponies on both sides. Equinox and rescue services were treating wounded ponies, Equinox tacticians still working hard in the tent, coordinating operations, and looking for the Pavelow seen flying away. While all of this was happening, Broadshield sat on a piece of rubble looking out to the sea, and to the Saddle Arabian ship, holding the Directors, patched up and ready to be locked away. As he sat there, he silently reflected on the past few days, and everything that had happened. He didn't know where Foxtrot, Tinder, or Monochrome and Pastel were, but he was sure they would find him eventually...

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« on: April 13, 2016, 03:41:02 am »
"Damn it..." is all Broadshield can say as he watches the Pavelow fly away. 'Its got to be them. The training, the weapons, its got to be the-' his train of thought is interrupted by the sight of the Littlebird coming for landing. Soon he feels the building lurch forward. "Holy f***! We have to get out of here!" he cries out. Before he can run for Foxtrot he feels the building violently lurch forward once again. "I'm sorry Fox..." he says quietly before grabbing Tinder and getting her onto Littlebird. As the helicopter begins to go up, he grabs his radio and opens up all channels. "ALL UNITS, THE TOWER IS GOING DOWN! I WANT EVERYONE, I REPEAT EVERYONE AT LEAST 300 METERS AWAY FROM THE BUILDING, THE BUILDING IS GOING DOWN!!! I REPEAT, BUILDING IS GOING DOWN!!!" he yells into his radio. What responded was dozens of voices in chaos evacuating the area. At that moment the roof begins to go down, it isn't long until the rest of the building goes down with it, along with Bravo and Foxtrot. "Pilot, keep the helicopter near the building, I'm not leaving Fox behind, and thats an order!" he says to the pilot. "But- Yessir!" the pilot responds as they continue their way around the slowly collapsing building, looking for Fox.

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« on: April 11, 2016, 10:06:34 am »
Broadshield watches Foxtrot patch him up. The wraps are working like a treat, the searing pain in his leg now at horrible-beating pain. "Yeah, good thing I didn't get you again. You'd be dead" he says, chuckling. He then looks over to where the SEALs are heading off, without the other two Directors. Getting up, he walks slowly towards them, no weapons on him and making a gesture to show he was unarmed. "Why? What the hell was the point in you interfering with us and what happened today? Was it for money? Information? This wasn't any of your business anyway? So why did you feel like you needed to take part?" He calls out to them over the wind. He had too many questions in his head. But one thing at a time. Questions, then the other Directors, then mission over.

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« on: April 10, 2016, 08:50:10 am »
Out of the corner of his eye, Broadshield sees what he can only assume is Yankee dashing towards him. Broadshield manages to turn his gun towards him and fire a single shot before the gun is shot out of his hands, and a searing pain in his hind leg. Broadshield topples to the ground, the bolt passing clean through his leg, thankfully at the edge of his leg, and not getting any bone. But that didn't stop it from hurting like hell. "AHHH F***!" he cries out, before he blacks out for a second. When he opens his eyes, he sees Yankee over Foxtrot trying to kill him, Tinder doing whatever she can to stop Yankee, and that he is a few feet (metres, rocks, whatever goddamned measurement system Equestria uses) behind all of them. At that moment he remembers he still has a pistol on him. Shakily, he grabs out his pistol, takes aim at Yankee's spine and fires a few shots, some aimed at Yankee's head, others aimed at Yankee's spine, whether any of them will actually hit Yankee is all up to Lady Luck, once again.

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Broadshield's expression goes from satisfaction to horror, from landing several hits on Yankee, to him rolling back, exposing Foxtrot, who is hit twice. He releases the trigger, the remaining bullets whizzing past Foxtrot. "F***! Fox!" He cries out in shot, rushing to his side, before carrying him to the staircase he went up to get to the rooftop. After making his way there, he sees that Fox has been severely injured, but not fatally, thank Celestia. "This is Command actual to Manehatten air fleet, I need a helicopter medvac!
We got an injured soldier, and he needs medical attention, how copy?" He says into his headset before a voice responds. "This is Home Base to Command actual. The closest aircraft we have is the Little Bird, ETA 10 minutes."
"Roger that, bring it over, and hurry up!" He says, before turning his headset off. "Tinder! I need you to guard Fox, I'll take care of Yankee! He calls out to her over the howling wind. Reloading his weapons, he takes aim at the hole in the ground, waiting for Yankee to pop his head back up so he can open fire.

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« on: April 05, 2016, 02:27:14 am »
Before Broadshield can do anything, he gets knocked to the ground by Fox, courtesy of everyone's favorite director, Yankee. Looking around, he sees a laser being fired at Tinder. Grabbing his katana, he throws it at the beam, hoping to deflect it or stop it entirely, but it's all jus up to Lady Luck. He soon feels the ground, rumble beneath him. Suddenly the floor collapses beneath him, Broadshield barely rolling away from the hole in the ground. "What the **** is with this guy?!?" He yells out in shock. Getting up, he sees the Blackhawk coming down. Reaching into his earpiece, he opens up every channel. "All units, Blackhawk down! I repeat, Blackhawk down! Get everyone out of here!" He yells. Soon after is absolute chaos on all channels as Equinox does everything to evacuate. Looking up again, he sees the Blackhawk come to a stop, only to get stabbed by Yankee. "No!" He yells as he pulls out his TEC-9 full-auto pistol and charges Yankee from behind, firing towards his backside. He didn't care whether he lived or died, he had to pay.

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« on: April 04, 2016, 08:33:47 am »
Eventually, Broadshield made it to the rooftop of the building, wind howling in his ears blowing his mane around. Upon arriving, he was greeted by Foxtrot and Yankee fighting it out, with the SEALs in a Blackhawk helicopter overhead. "Crap! They have a helicopter!?" He yells to himself. He soon realizes that Foxtrot is in trouble, and pulls out a throwing knofe, getting his sword and other weapons ready, not noticing someone aiming a weapon at Yankee. Broadshield throws the knife, but the wind causes the knife to go off target, eventually cutting the bullet aimed for the Director to be knocked out of the air. "Well ****, didn't expect that to happen" he says. "Let's move Tinder!" He says before charging the Director with his katana.

((Because of equipment change, Broadshield is carrying an M1911 pistol instead of a revolver, along with a full-auto TEC-9 pistol. He keeps the katana and throwing knives but no wakizashi.))

"Alright then, lets get going." he says. Suddenly, his headset comes alive with more radio activity. "This is Recon Team Taurus to Commander Broadshield, we have eyes on the carrier, they are at the top floor. Yankee is still up but not for long. Hurry!" the voice says before going quiet. "We better get going to the top floor, lets go!" he says before running up the stairs

Broadshield breathes a sigh of relief hearing that Tinder isn't too badly injured. "That's good, I didn't want someone else to get hurt on this mission." he pauses before continuing. "My Recon Team saw you go down, and Bravo was already down. It could have only left that Morgan pony you were talking about. I'm sorry I had to tell you that, you two sound like friends." he pauses, then turns to his soldiers. "You three, look for that truck, and report to me any information you have." he says. After giving their commander a salute, they jump out of the open window, soaring into the air. Turning back to Morgan, he continues where he left off. "You've done well, regardless of the circumstances. One way or another, when this mission is over, I'll see to it that you receive a full pardon from the Equestrian Government. Its what you deserve. Now, you have two options, you may choose to leave, and make your way to the base at the foot of the building and rest up until the mission is over, or you can stay and fight, and bring the rest of the Directors down. What do you think?" he asks.

Eventually, Broadshield makes his way down onto the floor Tinder is on. Arriving on the floor, he sees Tinder making her way to another set of stairs. "Tinder! Are you alright? Where's Bravo and that other pony you were with?" he asks, checking Tinder to make  sure there aren't any major injuries on her.

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