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Ponyville / Re: The Nightly Run (Reserved for Tinder)
« on: August 12, 2015, 03:57:08 pm »
Tinder looks around as they walk, eventually becoming too warm and chilling to air around them with her magic. She glances over at him as she hears him say this and shakes her head, "Sorry, but no can do. I've been in my fair share of fights, I can hold my own if they come sniffing around my building. I'm not just gonna run at the first sign of trouble, I'll take care of myself and help you not get hurt."

Ponyville / Re: The Nightly Run (Reserved for Tinder)
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:07:05 am »
Tinder grins as she hears the sound of the group dissipate, lighting up her horn a bit more to light up the road now that the threat has passed. She continues to walk at the same speed though, not wanting to slow down, just in case the people aren't as far away as they seem. "It's nothing, least I could do to help out a pony in need. Name's Tinder. The building is only about 5 more minutes away if we keep up this speed."

Ponyville / Re: The Nightly Run (Reserved for Tinder)
« on: August 11, 2015, 12:36:07 pm »
Tinder smiles a little as she watches him get up, glad to see that he isn't seriously hurt. She turns back the way she came and decides that it's probably a good idea to light up a tiny bit of the road in front of them. So back on goes the light from her horn, though very low, just enough to light up right in front of them so they don't trip over anything. "It's this way." She says as she heads off towards her apartment building, her strides long as she tries to puts some distance between herself and the group chasing this unknown stallion, hoping that he will follow suit and keep up with her.

Ponyville / Re: The Nightly Run (Reserved for Tinder)
« on: August 10, 2015, 05:11:17 pm »
Tinder walks down the street, pretty oblivious to the things around her as she focus' on the magic she is using to light up her way as well as using a bit to keep the air around her chilled a bit. She doesn't notice the pony running towards her until he gets quite close, and even then doesn't have time to react to him. She watches as he crashes in the cart and quickly makes her way over to him, mumbling to herself as she worries about this unknown pony. She stops the spell that is chilling the air and instead focus' more of her magic on just lighting up her horn to try to see if he is okay. When she hears the group that was chasing him she quickly turns off the light of her horn. She's been chased her fair share of times and she knows that lighting up the road like that won't help. So off goes the light and she starts to whisper at the pony, "I don't know what you did, but I don't really care either. My place isn't all that far from here, there is a empty next to mine, they'd have no reason to check there. Unless you want to get caught."

Ponyville / Re: The Nightly Run (Reserved for Tinder)
« on: August 09, 2015, 09:50:33 pm »
Tinder is out in front of her ran down apartment building pacing back and forth. She had spent the first bit of the night sitting in her bed, trying to force herself to sleep, but unfortunately for her it just wasn't working. So instead of spending the rest of the night in her house, doing nothing but staring at the ceiling, she decided to get out for a bit. So she tossed her bag on and went out to try to get some fresh air and maybe become tired enough to sleep. After pacing for a minute she realizes that there is no reason for her to be staying next to home like this, so off she goes, farther into town to get some air and perhaps even pick a couple pockets if anyone was out and about. Using a bit of magic to light up her horn enough to see where she's going, the dull yellow light illuminating her face and a bit of the road ahead.

Characters / Tinder
« on: August 09, 2015, 07:47:03 pm »
Name- Tinder

Race- Unicorn

Age- 26

Cutie Mark- Shard of ice with a flame inside. As seen here-

Appearance- A very tall, overly skinny unicorn. Her mane is a bright red and her coat a bright orange. Her mane and tail are mid length but quite shaggy and messy most of the time, simply because of her being too lazy and tired most of the time to really care. Her eye's are a dull yellow, which matches up with her magic. She is rarely ever without the large light brown saddle bag strapped to her. The only time you will see her without it is when she is wearing her long black cloak which covers all of her other then her neck and head, and when she puts the hood up it covers that as well. There is a reason why she wears these things, but all in good time.

Backstory- Born to a family of fire wielding unicorns Tinder always felt not quite right there. They lived quite far from any towns so her family was all she knew for the first few years of her life. She was home schooled and taught only fire magic, other then the basic spells. Tinder could never get the hang of it, she would always end up getting burned whenever she tried it. One day while studying in her room, reading through the same book she's read through a thousand times, trying to get the hang of simply lighting a small log on fire; a basic thing in her family. But instead of lighting it on fire she ended up freezing all the moisture in the log. She didn't understand what she had done but she kept doing it, practicing in secret because it was so easy compared to fire magic. After a couple weeks of practice, becoming fairly skilled in the craft of freezing things and making ice, she got her cutie mark. She quickly covered it the best she could, wearing large shirts and cloaks around the house to hide it. But unfortunately that didn't work for very long. Her family saw this and realized what she could do, they thought this was appalling and they removed her from the household because of it. Leaving her to wander alone as a child.

After being disowned by her family she wandered for a while, practicing her magic while searching for a new home. She found one soon enough, she had managed to make her way to Manehattan, where a group of homeless took her in and raised her. They taught her how to steal, helped her get food and took care of her they best they could. She kept practicing her magic and eventually could make statues of ice, and the more she practiced, the more elaborate these statues became. As time went on she found ways to support herself, selling things she stole, selling ice sculptures for events. Soon enough she had enough to get herself an apartment, though far from a good one. Just something to keep her off the streets, and to help the people who had taken care of her for all those years. She lived in that apartment for a fairly long time, continuing to steal and pickpocket to help keep the place going, even though she had a proper job at a restaurant at this point in her life. With stealing came trouble though, trouble with the law, trouble with stealing from the wrong people. And with said trouble came injuries, bad ones. It's because of these injuries that she started taking pain killers and never stopped. When her own magic started going on the fritz and causing her injuries, she never thought it could be the pain killers and just started taking more to dull the pain.

After living there till she was around 23 she had enough money to finally get out of there and move to somewhere nice, somewhere that no one knew her yet. And that's why she moved to Ponyville. Living in a ramshackle of a house on the edge of town and working at a nearby archery range. Her ability to sculpt her own weapons out of ice proving useful there as she uses her magic to make arrows or throwing daggers out of ice for the customers. Though her thievery is still a main source of income, and she needs it to try to keep herself out of trouble with the not so nice people she buys her pain killers from.

So now she's 26, still trying to figure out her way in this place. Finally taking time to travel and to actually enjoy herself.

Abilities- Make her own weapons from ice, pick pocketing, creating ice/ freezing things.

Weaknesses- Certain injuries that she keeps hidden. Her struggles to sleep because of nightmares often leaves her exhausted. Inability to be in overly hot climates.

Fears- Fire. The people she buys her pain killers from coming after her. Her family.

(If you have any complaints or concerns about this character, just shoot me a message and I'll answer it when I next get online.)

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