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Tinder stays where she is, keeping her knives held close incase she needs to use them. She's not even sure where Morgan is now, unable to see her in the dark, just hoping that Morgan is still okay. After thinking for a second she makes her way to where she knows the door is, grabbing her lockpicks from her bag and attempting to unlock the door, though it's very difficult with no light

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« on: March 11, 2016, 02:51:26 pm »
Tinder winces a bit at the hug, the wound on her back causing her some pain. She smiles at this student and nods, "Yeah, a drink would be really nice actually, thanks." She scratches at the bandage on her back as she looks around, taking in every detail of it in case she needs to get out quickly.

Areas that are not CHS or CPA / Re: About Last Night
« on: March 07, 2016, 05:36:29 pm »
Tinder looks around the place as they walk, some of her memories of this place coming back, and they aren't all that pleasant. She shrugs the memories off as she enters the gate, scratching at the wound on her back as she waits for the other 2 to come in.

Tinder twitches a bit as the shot is fired, not able to see anything herself, it's too dark for her to see anything. She stares at where she thinks Morgan would be and whispers, "Did you get him?"

Tinder nods a few times as her ice weapons appear around her, "Can do." She jumps up with Morgan and stands quite close to her, hoping to block Bravo's line of sight, not wanting her friend to get hurt again. She just got her back, and she would take an arrow for her to keep her around.

Tinder stares at her as she says this, sighing a little, "Yes, you do need to get to a hospital! You have arrows sticking out of you!" She covers her mouth as she realises that she just yelled at Morgan, her emotions getting to her a little more now that they are not in direct danger. She nods slowly and melts the ice a bit to make it thinner, "Yeah, you can break through if you want, though it's much safer if you stay in here."

Tinder seals up the igloo to keep them safe from his arrows, using gauze to stabalize the arrows in Morgan's back. She downs another couple pills to keep her own pain from returning, not even reacting as Morgan shoots. "We need to get you to a hospital, I can't do anything about those arrows."

Tinder runs away from the books with Morgan, scrunching her nose as she tries to use her magic. It pops and fizzles for a second before firing to life. She grins a bit as her magic returns and quickly freezes pillars of ice around the bookshelves to keep them from falling over on top of them. "Like that Morgan?" She looks ahead and makes a small shelter out of ice for the two of them to go to, she points at it and lightly pulls Morgan towards it. "In there, I'll freeze up the entrance and we can stabilize those arrows."

Tinder holds her breath as Morgan takes the shots, letting out the breath when she's done. She takes this little second of quiet to grab her pill bottle from her bag and take a few pills, needing them to keep going right now and hoping that they will help bring her magic back. She looks at Morgan when she swallows the pills and frowns a little, "We need to find better cover. Somewhere where I can stabilise those arrows so they don't move around too much. I have gauze that will do the trick, you can get them removed when we get you to a hospital. I've been stabbed and shot enough to know that removing them is a very bad idea right now."

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« on: January 27, 2016, 03:36:05 pm »
Tinder stares out the window as they reach the university, she's only been here a few times before and she was far from sober then. When they park she grabs the machete from under the seat and carefully puts it in her bag, hoping she won't have to use it today. She unbuckles her belt and puts on her backpack, wincing a bit as it hits her stitched wound. She hops out of the car and walks over to where Fox is, planning on following him. She hopes that no one in here recognizes her from the previous parties she's gone to, because her memory of those few parties is pretty rough.

Tinder nods a couple times as she peeks out from behind their cover, aiming at where the arrows came from and pulling the trigger. She does have pretty spot on aim from years of practice with other ranged weapons, but Bravo could be anywhere by now. She's just firing at where he was last time he shot.

Tinder stares at  Morgan in confusion for half a second, not wanting to believe what just happened. She finally gets her best friend back and then she gets shot, she is not letting this person hurt Morgan anymore. She grabs onto the repeater and quickly slings it around her, then grabs Morgan and as quick as she can pulls her into cover behind a shelf. "I did not spend the last few years crying and hallucinating in a playground once a year to have you die on me as soon as I actually see you. I don't even know how to use this thing Bear, I can't even use my magic now."

Tinder hugs back, holding her tight until she hears more of the lights shatter. When this happens she lets go and grabs onto Morgan's hoof, pulling her to try to get her away from where they were. "My daggers shattering probably alerted them, we're in too much of a open position, we need cover." She tries to make a shield of ice for them but her magic just fizzles and cracks, "My magic is out for a while, you're gonna need to keep us defended until it comes back. I need to find enough cover so that I can take a few pills...And it's really good to see you again Bear." It's easy to tell she's struggling a bit to keep herself from breaking down right now, she's just forcing herself to keep going.

Tinder had been pretty focused on Bravo while they were upstairs, since he was the one aiming at her, so she hadn't noticed who it was that crashed through the window. As she is quite suddenly teleported she looks around at her new surroundings quickly, looking back to see the rifle a few inches from her nose and to see Morgan holding it. It takes her a second to recognize her, she hasn't seen her for years. When that look of recognition sweeps over her face her magic fizzles and pops a bit, unable to stay stable with this unexpected turn of events. The daggers around Morgan all fall to the ground a few shattering completely, "B-bear?"

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« on: January 18, 2016, 02:19:46 pm »
Tinder nods and takes off her seat belt, reaching over and pulling down the seat next to her so she can look in the trunk. She grabs each of the items and tries to decide which one she would rather use when it comes to a fight, lifting each one to test the weight, trying to think which would be the easiest to hide if she needed to. She's usually more of a hand-to-hand combat kind of person, but that machete is pretty tempting. She twists it around in her hand and looks it over, thinking that she could use it as a back up weapon if her fists weren't good enough. Settling on the machete she takes it and puts it under her seat, putting the bat and crowbar back in the trunk and lifting the seat back up.

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