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Broadshield places the handcuffs on the downed griffon, and is enveloped by a bright green light, then he is gone, the howling winds outside providing the only noise in the desolate building. "This is Home Base to Commander Broadshield, we have retrieved Romeo, beginning sedation and emergency surgery. He's taken some pretty hard blows, much like Zulu, but they should be fine by the time you get back, over." A voice is heard on the radio. "Roger that Home Base, make sure to keep a close eye on the two of them, we don't know what may happen. We're going to need them alive when we give them to Saddle Arabia. Over." he says. Looking back, he sees a carrier rise up to the floor above, and he sees the pony from before toss Juliet into the vehicle. He watches as the carrier makes its way to the floor Tinder is on, and he watches as another pony tosses Bravo in. "Crap! We just lost two of our directors! All Recon Units, keep an eye on the carrier on the 40th floor, but do not engage, continue relaying a SITREP." he says into his microphone. Making his way to the door, he leads his soldiers down to the floor that Tinder is on. "Oh please be alright Tinder..." he thinks to himself.

Soaring up, Broadshield eventually makes his way to Recon Team Taurus, together the group make their way to the floor that Romeo is on. "Alright, fan out and establish a temporary perimeter, I'll secure Romeo. As Recon Team Taurus fan out, Broadshield makes his way over to the griffon. "Injured, but I think he's breathing. Alright then." he mutters to himself before taking up his headset and turning on his microphone. Time to make another extraction. "This is Commander Broadshield to Home Base, preparing to extract Romeo, stand by for retrieval, he's injured, sedate him. Over"
"Roger that Commander, preparing for extraction. Over."
With that, he gets out his handcuffs, and prepares to put them on Romeo, holding his breath in case something happens.

((OOC: I had permission from Fox to post))

On the ground, at the foot of the structure, sits the entire Equinox Manehatten Division. All of the Support Unit and most Combat Teams form an 100 meter perimeter, each of them holding riot shields to hold back the crowd of civilians trying to see what is going on. Further towards the building, there is a large Equinox tent set up, much like a makeshift Forward Operating Base. Inside holds several small rooms, separated by sheets. One room holds several foldout tables, with several ponies from the Intel Unit gathered around the tables. Each table has several files, papers and maps, fresh intelligence on the situation. There is also several radio stations used for intercepting radio transmissions from Equinox personnel, as well as attempting to intercept radio transmissions from all enemy combatants. Another room is a medical room. There are 5 raised up stretchers in the room, a few ponies from the Medical Unit are present. The majority of them looking after Broadshield and Monochrome/Pastel. The other 3 fallen soldiers are lying on the 3 stretchers, sheets covering their dead bodies. In a third room is a situation room of sorts. In the room there is one large foldout table with a large map of the area, along with various files of new intelligence. There is also a radio station used for intercepting radio transmissions from Equinox personnel. On occasion, ponies from the Recon team enter the room with new intelligence. Even with all the ponies present, one would have no problem allowing the rest of the team inside to talk.

On the radio, there is a flurry of voices heard, all reporting in on their situation. One pony sits on the radio listening to the activity.
"This is Combat Team Beta, we are in position with Gamma Team and Sigma Team in the southern sector, supporting the Support Unit soldiers present. We have too many civilians trying to get through and see what is happening, Can I have Lambda Team-" one voice is heard before the pony switches the channel to another channel.
"This is Recon Team Gemini, we have eyes on the roof, we have 4 targets on the building. We have eyes on Foxtrot and Yankee, and two other individuals and- OH S*** GET DOWN!" a voice is heard before gushes of wind and something zipping by are heard.
"This is Recon Team Leo, we have eyes on Tinder and Bravo, Bravo is down- crap! Tinder is down. Cannot confirm on her status, but she's down. How do we proceed?" yet another voice is heard
"This is Recon Team Taurus, we have eyes on two griffons. I think that would be Romeo and Juliet, they are both down. I can't see anyone with Romeo, but I see someone with Juliet. We may lose Juliet and Bravo, we need to move in and intercept, how copy?" another voice is heard before the radio is switched off. Writing down the important points from all transmissions, he makes his way to the medical wing. Handing the paper to Broadshield, he salutes him and walks off.

Taking the paper, he looks over it, reading everything. Watching as the medics finish patching him up, using a combination of common medicines, herbal remedies, and magic, the Equinox commander is ready to fight, but still sore. Taking his headset, he turns it on and starts speaking into the microphone.
"This is Command to Support Unit. I need you to divert all available Support and Combat soldiers to any necessary areas to help hold back the civilians, we can't have any casualties."
"Roger that Commander. I need-" the voice cuts out as another channel is opened up.
"This is Command to Gemini, get away from the roof, let them fight this out. I'm not letting any more soldiers get injured, over."
"This is Command to Leo, I'm making my way up there right now, hold position. Over."
"This is Command to Taurus, do not engage the one with Juliet, secure Romeo, I'll try and make my way and extract him. Over."
After that, he turns off his microphone and makes his way outside. Making sure all his new gear is in place, he spreads his wings, and takes off into the air. He continues to soar through the air, using the strong winds around the building. Eventually he makes his way to the 60th floor. Hovering in the air, he looks up to the 85th and 86th floor where Recon Team Taurus are, to the 40th floor where Recon Team Leo are. He hovers there for a few moments before making his decision on where to go first, flying towards his intended floor.

((OOC: Wow, long post. The longest I've done yet. Feel free to read the whole post if you wish. But I guess the only part that really matters to the arc is the last part. The other two are kinda for establishing the scene. This thread will be for all members of the Equinox squad at the end of the arc. That would be myself, Monochrome/Pastel, Foxtrot, and Tinder. If anyone wishes to use this thread as a fight scene, I'm fine with it, but please PM me in advance.))

Eventually, a group of medics make their way into the basement. They look around in awe at the scene, but quickly go back to tending the soldiers. The three fallen soldiers are carried away on stretchers, their bodies covered by sheets. Meanwhile, other medics on the scene are tending both Broadshield and Pastel. Broadshield then learns that he has a broken rib cage, the medics saying he was lucky that he didn't break his spine. "Alright sir, we're going to get you out of here." one of the medics say.
"The others... need help... I have to go and help them."
"With all due respect sir, you are in no condition to fight."
"Well then... do something to fix me up! I have to go and help them."
"Alright sir, I'll see what I can do, but first we need to get out of here."
After that, the medics carry both Broadshield and Pastel out of the basement, into the open.

Broadshield sat in silence as Monochrome/Pastel retrieved the other soldiers. As he sat, he assessed his injuries. Broken ribs, possible back injury. Sore all over. Yeah, today went well. He then assessed the battle. These directors were experienced fighters. They weren't any mercenary, guerrilla force, or drug syndicate henchmen, these were experienced fighters. His soldiers were some of the best in the Manehatten Division, and now they all lay dead. It took 5 of them to take down a minotaur, he then wondered how the others would be able to defeat the remaining 4 Directors. Crawling over to the unconscious body of Zulu, he put his hands behind his back, and got the handcuffs ready while getting his headset ready. "This is... Commander Broadshield... to Home Base... Sending Zulu... Stand by... for retrieval... sedate... him... over."
"Roger that Commander, prepping prisoner for extraction, whenever you're ready. Over."
With that, he puts the handcuffs on Zulu, and with a bright green light, Zulu is gone.
"This is Home Base, Zulu has been retrieved. Sedating now. Over."
Switching channels, he continues to speak into the headset.
"This is... Commander Broadshield... to Medical Team... we need... medical assistance... 3 soldiers dead... 2 injured..."
"Roger that commander, we're sending medics to you. Sit tight. Over"
With that, he turns off his headset, and watches as Pastel returns with the other soldiers, only to collapse herself.
"Permission... granted"

The flashbangs and smoke grenades didn't help Zulu as he was kicked several times in the legs by multiple targets. Eventually, he is forced onto one knee after taking damage from the brutal kicks to his legs. Eventually, the disorientation wears off, so now all Zulu can see is the smoke around him. Every so often, a figure dances in the shadows, prompting Zulu to take a swing, only to miss and get assaulted once again. Eventually the smoke lifts, triggering the water system. Both Zulu and Broadshield facing each other, weapons drawn. As Zulu takes a swing with his hammer, Broadshield jumps out of the way, the hammer embedding itself into the wall. Charging Zulu, Broadshield lands several kicks and hits from his sword on Zulu's other leg, eventually bringing him down on both knees. Just as he's about to knock him out, Zulu goes and backhands Broadshield, sending him flying into a stack of boxes. Broadshield lies in the ruined stack dazed, but conscious and alive. Soon, Zulu dislodges his hammer and approaches Broadshield. He looks at Broadshield, knowing that he's won. As he is about to deliver the killing blow, the last guard dashes from the shadows, standing over his commander, taking the hit. The guard goes down after that. With that, Broadshield's rage explodes, now undazed, and he tackles Zulu's head, bringing him to the ground. Broadshield lands several punches to Zulu's face, looking bloodier with each punch, until finally Zulu is out cold. Getting down, he limps over to the fallen guard, checking his vital signs. He's gone. "Monochrome, Pastel, whoever, find the other guards, then bring them to me. After that, we'll bring Zulu in." he says. Turning on his headset, he changes channels until he starts to speak into the microphone. "This is... Broadshield... to Equinox base... Zulu, minotaur... apprehended... prepare for retrieval... get medics... on standby... 3 soldiers dead, I'm injured, and we may have an extra injured soldier... over" he says between breaths, exhausted and injured from the fight.
"We read you loud and clear commander, prepping medics and base for retrieval, over."
Putting his headset away, he collapses on the ground, exhausted, tired, and injured, adrenaline draining from his body, replaced with pain.

((How is it that Mono/Pastel escaped unharmed lol. 2 OP pls Nerf))

"Sounds good Pastel, lets hope that it doesn't come to that." he says. He couldn't afford to fail once more, the last two times, two of his guards under his command fell to the enemy, and he didn't even know where they were, or if they were fortunate to still be alive. "Some of the lights still work, but neither of us can see each other in the dark. We'll need to lead him into the light, from there, we set off the smokes and the flashbangs, hopefully disorient him, knock him down and out, cuff him, and send him to base. Worse comes to worse, we use that Rainbow Essence on the ground around him and immobilize him. Lets move out!" he says, before diving into the darkness with his last guard, knocking over objects occasionally to attract Zulu to the light.

Meanwhile, Zulu is still stumbling around in the darkness, on the hunt for his prey. Soon he starts to hear items falling to the ground, leading him to the light. Upon arriving at the light, he looks around. There is no pony there, no more sounds, silence, save for his own breathing. Soon he hears something, loud and clear, that cuts through the silence like a blade. "NOW!". At that moment, several small pellets fall to the ground, each of them exploding with blinding light and deafening bangs, disorientating Zulu. As he tries to swing his hammer around, smoke soon starts to rise from the ground, completely filling the space around him, further blinding him. "Go! Now!" the voice is heard again. Zulu can only hope to continue swinging and hope he hits something.

Ensuring everyone is safe, Broadshield begins talking. "If that stuff really can eat through flesh, we can't do that. Foxtrot and Saddle Arabia want the Directors in one piece for the trial, I don't think a Minotaur with its legs eaten away by acid would count as one piece." he says, taking a short pause before continuing. "What we need to do is knock him off his feet, and knock him out, cuff him, then send him back to base. After that, we can either help the others, or help with the rest of the Division in evacuating civilians. We can think about it later, but now, the target is Zulu." he says. "Any other ideas?" he asks. "If we need to get him off his feet, we need to stun him so he won't be able to defend himself. Maybe we use the Rainbow Essense to drive him into a corner, flashbangs and smokes on him to stun and disorient him, knock him off his feet, and send him on his way." the guard says. "Pretty solid idea soldier, you have any objections or any other plans Pastel?" he asks, before accidentally knocking something over, and it smashes, indicating their position to Zulu. "Crap" he mutters

Meanwhile, Zulu continues to stumble through the darkness, searching for his hunt, occasionally knocking things over, indicating his position to Equinox. The second he knocks over a vase, he hears something on the other side of the room, indicating his enemies position. Grinning, he now slowly makes his way to where the sound was, under the cover of darkness. "I've got you now." he says to himself.

All around Zulu, soldiers are popping up and attacking him, then running away. "Come and fight me cowards!" He bellows. Seeing another soldier come up to attack him, he takes as swing at him with his hammer, finally making contact. The soldier goes flying into a large stack of crates as if it were a baseball. Upon hitting the stack, several wooden crates are smashed to pieces, their contents falling out of the crates, meanwhile, the solider lying there isn't moving.

Meanwhile, Broadshield watches in horror as one of his vanguard is sent flying into a stack of items, and he isn't getting up. "DAMN YOU ZULU!" he calls out. Grabbing his throwing knives, he throws a large amount of them at Zulu. Zulu makes an attempt to dodge the knives, the majority missing him, but one or two are embedded into his sides. The minotaur then bellows in rage and pain. Hearing Monochrome, he pulls his other two guards away from the rampaging Minotaur as the crystal is thrown at Zulu's legs. With an earth shattering explosion, the crystal goes off, leaving a large crater where the crystal was, as well as Zulu. Surrounding crates and shelves are either blown away, or are completely destroyed by the blast. Most of the lights are destroyed, leaving the room in near complete darkness. Broadshield and his guards get up, inspecting the crater. "Where did Zulu go?" he asks. "Right behind you." a voice from the shadows is heard. "FALL BACK!" he calls out to the group. Just as Zulu swings his hammer, his guard jumps up and kicks him in the face, barely missing Broadshield and his other guard. In retaliation, Zulu grabs the guard by his legs and throws him against the wall, crumpling. "MONOCHROME! ON ME! WE NEED TO FALL BACK AND COME UP WITH A PLAN!" he calls out to him in the darkness, taking his last guard, he pulls him away from Zulu, eventually finding a decent area to hide until they are regrouped and they have a plan.

Marching through the storage room, Zulu continues to look for his targets. Upon getting kicked, Zulu stumbles forward, but stays on his feet. Letting out a roar in annoyance, he looks around for the perpetrator, not knowing where they have gone.

Meanwhile, Broadshield and his vanguard move through the storage area quietly. Eventually, they find Zulu. "Alright, what we need to do is incapacitate him, then apprehend him. We need to get him off his feet." Suddenly, one of the guards moves out of cover, and kicks Zulu in the back, before he moves away. Eyes on his target, Zulu begins to takes swings at the pony. "Need some help here!" He calls out to everyone.

((I'm controlling Zulu BTW))

Yep, this day just got weirder and weirder. First, Broadshield was involved in some talk about the necessity and the morality of using sleeper agents in a war. Next, even more militants enter the room, weapons pointed at everyone. After that, he gets enveloped in a bright light, and he, as well as the other Equinox soldiers, including Monochrome/Pastel (he sometimes forgot who was who) end up in what looks like a storage area.

Hearing Zulu talk in the distance, he motions for the others to get down and hide. Himself and two guards hide behind cover, the third for some reason hides inside a cardboard box. Motioning the others to stay where they are and stay silent, he moves around the basement quietly, looking for Zulu

(Will wait for Monochrome/Pastel to post)

Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: Highrise Showdown
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Broadshield watches as the drink is handed over to Monochrome 'Please be sober, please be sober, please be sober.' he thinks to himself. His attention turns back to the conversation between Yankee and Foxtrot. "Equestrian Forces were already trying to maintain the situation, there wasn't much need for any foreign intervention Yankee." he says, taking a short pause before continuing. "This may not be a hasty decision, but it was a pretty dumb one, what you've done goes against all laws and ethics. I hope  you've enjoyed your freedom you 5, because you're not walking away from this unscathed." he says. He then notices Yankee's hooves glowing. Knowing exactly what he was doing, he got into a defensive position. "If you use your magic in here Yankee, you'll bring this entire building down." thats when everything clicked into place. "That's why there wasn't anypony in the building. You played all of us for fools. Its a trap!" he says. At that moment, the Equinox guards dashed to guard their commander, swords drawn, preparing for an imminent fight.

((I would assume that reaction posts would be needed, the 26 would then start the fight, then combat begins. When the SEALs will post I don't know.))

Somewhere Else Inside or Outside of Equestria / Re: Highrise Showdown
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Broadshield continues to stare at the Directors throughout the confrontation between Foxtrot and the Directors. As soon as all is quiet, he starts talking. "You are correct when you say that we have a lot to discuss Yankee, if it were up to me, we would be having this talk in a Saddle Arabian jail, with you all behind bars. Besides, there is more than enough evidence to prove that you are all guilty. You said we wanted to talk? Let's talk then. Maybe you can tell us why? Why go through the trouble of messing with them psychologically and training them. Wouldn't it just be easier to hire mercenaries to do your dirty work, and hire them under a different instead of using your own agents that could be tracked back to you." He says

((Sorry for crappy post, didn't have much time))

The Ponyville Times / Re: Writing Project for 2016
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Best of luck to you, you have my permission to use the names Equinox and Broadshield for the anthology.

Areas that are not CHS or CPA / Re: Down to Business
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Right as the last guard is killed, the lot is quiet again. Reloading his weapon, he slowly moves out of cover surveying the area. Seeing how there is no one alive besides their group, he moves up to a door leading to the inside of the research building. "Guys, move in on me, this is the research building we're moving in to, quickly reload, then when everyone is ready, we'll move in. They'll be expecting us, so be ready." he says

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