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Re: Highrise Showdown
« Reply #90 on: April 10, 2016, 08:37:46 pm »
Yankee grits his teeth as he's tackled off by Tinder, "Damn you guys are a pain in the ass!" He rolls over and pins the mare to the ground, unaware of the rounds flying towards him. Loud pops are heard as the Director is hit several times in the back. None are fatal, but the volley has definitely taken its toll. Yankee drops to the side, unable to move from the crippling numbness of his injuries. Blood spurts out of his mouth as he coughs, the unicorn taking deep breaths as he looks up into the sky. In the corner of his eye, he spots Foxtrot getting up, the pain visible on his face. A smile cracks onto Yankee's face, "I see you brought the right company. Well played agent, checkmate."
"You'll always need agents like us. To do things that most cannot."