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Re: Highrise Showdown
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Broadshield watches Foxtrot patch him up. The wraps are working like a treat, the searing pain in his leg now at horrible-beating pain. "Yeah, good thing I didn't get you again. You'd be dead" he says, chuckling. He then looks over to where the SEALs are heading off, without the other two Directors. Getting up, he walks slowly towards them, no weapons on him and making a gesture to show he was unarmed. "Why? What the hell was the point in you interfering with us and what happened today? Was it for money? Information? This wasn't any of your business anyway? So why did you feel like you needed to take part?" He calls out to them over the wind. He had too many questions in his head. But one thing at a time. Questions, then the other Directors, then mission over.
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