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Re: Highrise Showdown
« Reply #90 on: April 11, 2016, 10:01:51 pm »
As Broadshield trots over to the SEALs, the agent wastes little time heading downstairs to apprehend the remaining Directors; the unicorn pulls out the last two cuffs in his jacket, a sense of relief creeping into his mind. Returning to the conference room, Foxtrot makes a beeline to Juliet; after the sound of two clicks a bright flash of light goes off, one last Director to go. As he makes his way to the Bravo, his ear catches a feint beeping a short distance away. The mere sound spikes up his nerves, 'Oh no, please no...' Frantically running, Foxtrot finds a source, a small laptop wedged under a chair and a piece of ceiling, "Ah ****..." Reaching over, he pulls away the chair and reaches under the concrete, moments later he scrapes the laptop underneath to freedom and pries it open. His eyes widen when he sees the message.

Checkmate Protocol in Progress

Foxtrot drops the laptop and sprints over to the hole in the ceiling, inhaling as hard as he can. "EVERYONE GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Not even bothering to see if they heard, the agent sprints towards the inventory closet; sweat trickling down his neck as he scrambles to find a much needed item. Suddenly the beeping stops, replaced by the loud rumbling sparsely heard but definitely felt by anyone on or in the building. The howls of the winds silence to the bellow of the churning metal far below as the building violently lurches forward.
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